Uneventful Living

Probably one of the last to be jumping on this band waggon but now is as good a time as any to talk about the new Polaroid Originals and why i picked up a couple boxes of the 600 colour (correct spelling) film to test, this will be more a test to hopefully restore my f...

Film is an incredibly interesting medium, although many see it as inferior and old technology in comparison to digital photography, i see it as simply a different way of working. A similar argument can be said for painting, why use oils or acrylics when you can simply...

What cameras i use and why. A quick insight into my camera bag.

So, here it is. Seeing as i have the website already built i may as well begin a blog on it. Essentially this will just be new images and updates around where i am with photography etc.

These will also automatically post to Facebook (hopefully i've set that up right) s...

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