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My Essential Equipment

Although people will often state "you don't need the fanciest gear to take good pictures", i believe that it can definitely make your life easier (not that i have the fanciest gear by any stretch).


Let me also preface this by saying that the equipment i use is by no means the ideal set, that has never and will never exist. Every person will have their own preferences and comforts with different cameras and operating systems, for example; I don't shoot with a rangefinder camera, this is not because i don't like rangefinders, it's because i find it hard to use them. It may be because I'm a glasses wearer that i struggle with the viewfinder, or it may just be that i don't like not being able to see what the lens sees, but who knows? And this is true of my camera equipment, it's what i feel comfortable with and what i enjoy using. And at the end of the day, if it allows me to make images that i like then I'm not going to complain. So lets get started.

1. Nikon F4

Yes, it's a film camera, that will become a reoccurring theme.This camera is big, it is loud, and it is slow compared to modern technology, and i love it. Seeing as it only has one central focusing point i no longer need to worry about scrolling through menu systems or custom functions to set it as it's my go too with any modern camera anyway.

Next, compatibility, this camera WILL work with every Nikon (F mount) lens ever made! Even the newer G lenses will autofocus and meter on it, granted i have to be stuck in Program or Shutter priority mode but it DOES work and it does work well. I've used the Sigma 24-105mm Art lens on it many times and had no problems. As a carry round camera with more versatility it's great and i really couldn't recommend it more if you want an F.

2. Bronica SQ-Ai

This is a newer acquisition of mine, having upgraded from the ETRSi (which i need to sell if anyone wants?). Having the square format does make photographing easier and somehow faster than with the ETRSi, purely for the reasoning that i don't have to think about orientation. Overall this is a heavy beast, but the image quality is phenomenal and when compared with a Hassleblad i can say i'd take this every time, not only for the significantly lower price of a kit (i got everything + 80mm, 50mm, 150mm for the same as a barebones Hassleblad kit) but i simply know how they work and it's a system that i understand after using the ETRSi for so long. Furthermore, i have the Metz 45 CL-4 and can TTL with it when and if i need too so bonus points.

3. Canon AF35M II

Far from my best camera but for a basic point and shoot this thing is very good, and for 20p at a boot fair i couldn't really say no....

This thing is fully automatic so the term 'point and shoot' really is fitting, but it's excellent at getting the correct exposure and focus. The flash is slightly temperamental but i can't rally complain about it, if i'm feeling lazy and don't want to carry around an enormous camera this thing definitely fills that need. It is basic, but it does the job.

4. Nikon D750

Sorry to disappoint the purists but i do have a digital camera. I may not use it as much as i should but when i've also got the above cameras sitting there it can be hard to choose sometimes. Plus i prefer filling digital space not virtual space. I will say this thing is phenomenal, when you've got used to using an F4 for the last 2 years this thing really feels unreal. For those rare occasions i want to do some video or a longer photoshoot where i'm going to need slightly more accuracy, this thing is in its element. 24mp is absolutely fine for me, i was happy with 16 but beggars can't be choosers, plus, i recently made a 20x30 (inch!) print that looks amazing if i do say so myself. I was helped in that instance by the Sigma 24-105mm which i mentioned earlier so i knew the print was going to be sharp before i even took it.


As previous stated, there is no "perfect" equipment list, it's all entirely up to the photographer, that goes for rivalries about manufacturer too, if you learn on one system then more often than not, you will stick to that system because you know it, theres no need to rewire your brain and muscle memory in order to learn a new one.

As an insight into my camera equipment, i hope this has been useful to you, if you'd like to see some of the other stuff i use please have a look at my instagram.


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